What We Do

Empowerment of Women

We receive 3,000 requests from women’Äôs groups across east Africa; we are able to help less than 1% of those women’Äôs groups. The future of Africa depends on breaking the cycle of poverty; we believe that this depends upon enabling women to be independent to own land, to own their own businesses and to have the freedom to be equal in every way. Poverty reduction and supporting women to become empowered is a prerequisite to change. ICROSS is supporting over a hundred women’Äôs groups in its various projects and programmes. ICROSS has supplied training, legal advice, technical support to women’Äôs groups across East Africa.

Men throughout the world are behaving in ways that conform to their sense of what it is to 'be a man' in their context; and women throughout the world are manoeuvring within or contesting this. ICROSS is aware of the power relations at play and acknowledge that change in gender relations cannot take place in a vacuum. We believe that men and masculinities must be made an issue in gender planning: if positive change are to be achieved for women, men must change too.

Poverty Reduction