What We Do

Malaria Control

  • 3,000 people die from malaria a day. They die because they lack access to health care, life saving drugs and bed-nets
  • Every year there are over 300,000,000 cases of malaria (10 new cases every second).
  • Malaria is on the rise. Malaria is responsible for one out of four childhood deaths.
  • We have implemented a comprehensive malaria prevention and control programme in five districts. In 2005-2009 we want to cut malaria cases with 50% among the people we work with.
  • We are using rapid response, multiple prevention and careful research.
  • With your help we can cut malaria deaths in half.

Ways of preventing malaria include insecticide treated bed-nets and simply by reducing the number of mosquitoes by spraying breeding grounds and cutting grass around huts and homesteads. Moreover, safe pregnancy is ensured by providing anti malaria tablets to pregnant women.