What We Do

HIV, AIDS, TB & Malaria

For over 20 years ICROSS has been fighting HIV AIDS in Kenya. ICROSS is responding to one of the worst tragedies to strike Africa; AIDS.
Africa has over 70% of the world's HIV cases and Kenya has over 1.4 million of the world's 34 million people living with the virus. Every day more than 6,000 people die of AIDS most in Sub Saharan Africa. TB is rising dramatically and more people died last year of malaria in Africa than HIV/AIDS. These three killer diseases are central to our public health prevention programmes.

Over the last decade we have extended these programmes with the help of the Global fund and other donors. Together with a network of partners we are expanding all HIV and AIDS programmes into new districts and scaling up interventions to reach thousands more victims and patients. This year sees the opening of a new comprehensive care centre in western Kenya and new AIDS prevention projects.