What We Do

Partnership Development

ICROSS has over the years developed numerous partnerships at an international level. We are member of a wide number of alliances, networks, charities and organisations. Ranging from HIV Alliance to One World alliance and NAM. We also collaborate with a number of international research institutions and universities. We have partnerships with European charities and NGOs as well as collaborating with many specialist consultants and bilateral groups. All these groups share our commitment to creating models and systems to reach grassroot developments impacting on poverty. In rural Africa our partnerships range from government ministries and bilateral bodies to hospitals, clinics, private practitioners and traditional healers.

We work with hundreds of village committees, tribal groups, community based organisations, small women’Äôs groups and self-help groups. This large web of relationships and partnerships include collaborations and alliances of organisations. It is our belief that these partnerships are the future of international development. We are linking schools in Europe to schools in Africa, small churches to churches in other countries and vulnerable children initiatives to other support groups. These partnerships are not always formal and we work closely with the many unstructured initiatives that are growing across Africa.

Community Strengthening