What We Do

Child Health

The most vulnerable population in Africa is children. The vast majority dying needlessly are children who are often too weak from hunger to fight disease. With over 140 million hungry children in sub Saharan Africa, more children live in absolute poverty than ever before. The average child in Africa has 30 times more illness and disease each year than an European child. The average child in Africa has less than US$ 10 a year expenditure on health and less than US$ 50 a year to food. ICROSS works in 42 small projects educating and training mothers and elder children to protect the health of small children.

Our child health programmes have existed over 25 years and have been visited by over 2000 colleagues and health professionals from around the world. Our child health initiative include child to child health promotion, immunisation and follow up, child nutrition, educational support for non-school going children and working through women’Äôs groups, targeting other vulnerable children. Child development and assessment of nutritional progress is the cornerstone of our child health programmes in desert areas.

We have three ongoing research programmes looking at the nutritional status of children in desert, rural and urban areas. We are following the nutritional growth of over 40,000 children among the Maasai. 30% of ICROSS programmes are child focused given the mean average age in Africa is 17 and falling and child hood diseases are rising rapidly. Child health care remains a vital part of our work.

Community Based Health Care