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12/09/2019 - WATER PROJECTS Sept 2019

WASH programmes ICROSS 2019


Water Sanitation and hygiene have been central to ICROSS since our work began in 1979.  ICROSS was  publishing Scientific studies since the 1982 focusing on Child health, infectious diseases especially water borne disease. The three seminal  works published in the Lancet  were .

The reality of starvation and disease. 1981, Starvation and suffering 1983 and Prevention of disease in the poor world.  Meegan M, McCormick. These articles set the foundation of our strategic focus for the following decades


With a strong foundation in evidence based policies, we  continued to work in  projects that  were rooted in  innovations that were demonstrable and could be proved. Evidence regarding the effectiveness and impact of interventions continues to be a central element in the ICROSS direction over the coming  five year plan.  The lack of continuity, poor consistency and budget funding greatly limited the Global effect of water sanitation and hygiene interventions which were around for 80 years.   ICROSS has remained consistent  in establishing ongoing  evaluation and reliable methodologies to assess over time the impact of  health interventions.


With your help we can continue to do more.  Health programmes  need to be sustainable and of proven use.


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