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14/07/2019 - ICROSS building local skills

ICROSS has pioneered the field of community focused operational research for 39 years in East Africa. We currently are helping health teams to develop working models of locally based monitoring programmes. We are working with dynamic young health professionals in helping them understand the basic requirements of developing evaluation systems.

Throughout 2019 we are working to develop evaluation mechanisms teachingresearch techniques to evaluate operational projects in rural communities.

A key part of our own rural health work has been the us of the highest standard of international research. This work has relied for decades on the involvement of a multi-disciplinary set of partners and collaborators. These include many of the important institutions throughout the world e.g. The Institute of Child Health, London, The Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, and Tampere University, Finland.

Our current research focuses upon building reliable reporting systems that are locally driven, built upon internationally accepted best practice in report writing. Beginning in July we are focusing upon effective decision making through results based management and scientifically accepted standards of monitoring and evaluation.

Public health decisions need to be built on verifiable evidence. We are focusing on developing local capacity for producing reliable information.

We invite your participation and feedback by sharing with us your thoughts and suggestions. If you would like to help our field programmes you can reach us on: director@icrossinternational.org You can also see some of our field projects on YouTube by searching ICROSSKENYA

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