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12/10/2017 - International Day of the Girl Child 2017

Today is the international day of the girl child, ICROSS international has been early active in girl child project since early 1996 with the help of partners and friends we have successfully implemented girl child projects in rural areas in Kenya and Tanzania these includes:-


1. Keeping girls in school

2. Changes in female circumcision practices

3. Giving girl children their own milking goats

4. Campaigns against child marriage

5. Improving child nutrition

6. Focusing on child for child support books

7. Providing children with team building and prepare support projects.

8. Supporting elders care for younger children

9.  Innovative girl support programmes


All of our projects involving children in their local dialect

We focus on local child ownership activities and projects. With your help we are making your projects girl child.


This projects are only made possible with your personal involvement and we need your support, your donation no matter how small.

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