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07/08/2017 - ICROSS has completed its second series of family planning workshops 2017

For over 38 years, ICROSS has focused on reproductive health care as part of a dynamic health improvement strategy targeting co-ordinated school health promotion. The first key element being an ICROSS prevention program is integrating management and health support systems. This is based on creating healthy schools with nutritional support and close family community involvement. since 1983. ICROSS has been involved in pioneering effective public health programmes, integrating long term family planning with community ownership of public health intervention in their area. In 1993, we integrated our family planning programmes into long term mother and child health care.  Safe motherhood remains at the centre of our public health services since the early 1980s.

In partnership with international institutions, we continue to encourage the use and application of evidence lead public health planning and research. For almost four decades, ICROSS has continued to train local health professional in research methodology and best practices. With the fourth coming series of research training, ICROSS international plans the further sharing of best practices in public health research. As part of our strategic plan, we’re going to launch more international workshops in global health updating a new generation of health researches in applied research methods. We believe that research should be locally owned and have direct ownership by communities and the indigenous population. 


The first research published in 1981 in the LANCET focused on traditional belief models and health education in tribal rural areas in Africa. This emphasis on local belief systems remains as important today as it was 40years ago in the prevention of disease. Unless we understand local belief systems and perceptions, we will not create change in behaviour. As part of our strategic plan over the next three years, we’re developing a series of educational programmes for local health teams and health professional. As all public health depends on adopting healthy practices,  we will continue innovative and creative new ways of sharing health messages at community level. 


In 2017, we have completed seven successful workshops and seminars. Between July and September together with 

our partners, we plan another five training programmes, thanks to the generosity of colleagues in the United Kingdom and France.

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