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07/08/2017 - ICROSS Research Programming 2017-2018

ICROSS International has been implementing public health programmes for nearly 40 years. As a dynamic learning organisation, an important priority is to evaluate and assess the impact of programmes and innovations over time. Since 1981, ICROSS has continually published in the world’s leading scientific journals.

A vital part of our work is to share an understanding of applied operational field research and apply the highest International standards. We are building research networks and capabilities as part of our five-year strategic plan 2016-2020. We are also training a new generation of young researchers in Africa and Asia in effective methodologies and best practice in scientific research.

The International Director has spent the last two years building local research capacities of local organisations and health professionals. The worlds largest professional research network is ResearchGate.net   ICROSS International scores higher by percentile than 87.5% of researchgate members with a RG score of 30.7 and over 1,010 citations and over 3,000 reads as of 1st August 17. This means that our public health research is cited (Quoted) in another publication for every three times one of our studies is read.  A vital core of sharing and disseminating public health work is making this research internationally available to the global scientific community. With an h-index of 11, ICROSS International is one of the most quoted INGOs in the scientific community. ICROSS, on researchgate alone, is in the top percentile of over 13 million members. Academia.edu also list over 135 papers citing ICROSS research over the last three months. We remain committed to the highest standards of international peer review and we are in the process of expanding our public health Research.

In 2020, Dr Elmore Meegan will be stepping down as fundraiser and focus on his roles as International Director and on developing new methods of public health evaluation and research in partnership with a number of international research institutes. Michael Elmore-Meegan is currently involved in four major film projects and three long term studies as well as preparing for the 2021- 2026 strategic plans in collaboration with ICROSS stake holders.

In January 2018, ICROSS will announce its most ambitious sustainability concept including the creation of a series of public health initiatives designed to give ownership of public health research initiative in Africa to African Scientists.

Illustrative Scientific and Medical Research Articles and Publications


https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Michael_Elmore-Meegan/stats over 1,000 current citations. Researchgate score 30.17, in top percentile.  H- index 11 as of Aug 1st 2017


  1. Randomized Intervention Study of Solar Disinfection of Drinking Water in the Prevention of Dysentery in Kenyan Children Aged under 5 Years. Martella du Preez†, Ronan M. Conroy, Sophie Ligondo, James Hennessy, Michael Elmore-Meegan, Allan Soita, and Kevin G. McGuigan* Environ. Sci. Technol., 2011, 45 (21), pp 9315–9323, September 21, 2011


  1. “Let me Die with dignity”: Creating Meaningful Homecare Programmes for People

Living with AIDS in Bungoma, Kenya,Mwenda Ntarangwi, Ph.D. and 1Michael Elmore-Megan, The African AnthropologistVol. 13 No. 1&2, Spring 2007, pp. 9-25.



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  1. Solar disinfection of drinking water contained in transparent plastic bottles : characterizing the bacterial inactivation process McGuigan1,  Elmore-MeeganJournal of Applied Microbiology V 84 Issue 6pg 1138–1148, June 1998




  1. Caring for the Future: Making the Next Decades Provide a Life Worth Living

M. K. Elmore-Meegan, JAMA. 1997; 277(16):1329-132910.1001/jama.1997.03540400081046



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  1. Rates of  sexual partner change among two pastoralist southern Nilotic groups 

in East Africa. Konings E, Anderson RM, Morley D, O'Riordan T, Meegan M. AIDS 1989;3(4):245-7.


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  1. The reality of starvation and disease. Meegan M. Lancet 1981;1 (8212):146.




Ongoing Research


In Preparation


Pilot : An investigation into the current patterning of sexual practices among a convenience sample of  234 sexually active men in Kenya,Uganda and Tanzania who  have sex with men ( from data collected May-July 2017).


The history and evolution of pastoral nomadic weapons 1850-1990, Development of tribal spears and swords; Jan 2018


The  impact of Harm  reduction in female circumcision practices among  Pastoral populations  A four cohort prospective study between July 2003- November 2017, a prospective study of clinical  outcome, Elmore-Meegan, Soita A,


Published Books ( also on Kindle )



Currently  all books  being  prepared for  re-release with eye-books in 2016 -17




Celebration, Michael Meegan Julius Konttinen, November 2016


Changing the World

Feb 2009 256 pgs www.eye-books.com


Take my hand, a spiritual journey

With Sharon Wilkinson, Forward by T Hogan CSSp, 58 pgs www.michaelmeegan.com July 2009 republished for kindle Oct 2014


Surprised by joy; a story of hope in the midst of tragedy, Forward by Stephen Sackur  BBC,156 pgs, First Published July 2006www.maverickhouse.com ( replublished on line for Kindle Dec 2014 ) and  through eye books  in  july 2016 www.eye-books.com


All Will be Well republished newly updated  April 2015 (Forward by John Hurt) Eye-Books,  149 pgs , May 2004. ISBN 1903070279www.eye-book.com


All Shall be Well, Forward Prof John Powell SJ, ISBN 000-627006-9, Collins. 146 pgs. First edition 1986, Reprint Jan 1999. Republished  July2016


Updates on publications



Updates on Research programmes are available on Researchgate and academia.edu

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