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06/05/2017 - Founder of ICROSS has died

The Co-founder of the International Community for Relief of Starvation and Suffering, ICROSS,  has  died at the age of  102.  Dr Joseph Barnes MD created ICROSS with Dr Michael Meegan in 1979.   Before his work with ICROSS he has already spent 4 decades in Africa and round the World serving  the poorest of the poor.  He was Knighted by the Pope for  his work in then the Biafran war for services to  humanity. 

The International  Director Dr Michael  Meegan said today 

" After a lifetime of service to the most destitute, the great Dr Joe Barnes has passed after over a Century.  On behalf of all of  our friends, colleagues, partners and those working with ICROSS we celebrate his great  and  amazing life. ICROSS exists today because of Dr Joe Barnes and I have rarely seen such  loyalty and steadfast friendship over the years. we owe the existence of ICROSS to  Joe and to  his fidelity and his kindness over many  decades.  there are very  few who  have done  so much  to serve so many  in every  part of the globe.  Since i  first met  Dr Joe Barnes, I learned a  new  concept of   integrity and of  honour.  The Dr Joe Barnes Clinic and the books I have written dedicated to him are part of a long  legacy together with our joint  published Scientific works.  We shall all be most  deeply blessed by  the wonder and  love that  Joe  gave to  us over these many  decades. "

"On  behalf of Dr Evan Sequeira,himself a Knight of  Portugal for his service  to  human suffering,  the Chairman of the Board of Directors ICROSS International, and Dr Allan Soita MD , and our Public Health research team, we  wish to offer our deepest thanks for the great  light and grace  that  has  been guiding us for  so  many  decades. Our closest partner at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland,Professor Kevin Mc Guigan is kindly  representing the ICROSS research team that worked with Dr Joe Barnes for over  28 years. "

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