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ICROSS has focused on 3 long term outcomes in our Maternal Child Health services which were  developed together with Professor Joe Barnes, Co-Founder of ICROSS and Professor David Morley https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Morley_(paediatrician)


  1. Improving mothers’ and children’s nutrition status. These were developed with evidence based research that we  have  been researching in global  collaborations.


  1. Infectious disease prevention among women and children  you can download  more on icrossinternational.org/gallery/index.asp



  1. Facilitating access to essential health services so ICROSS has built sustainable  health services



The key elements are:

  • ICROSS health and nutrition based on the ICROSS Strategic plan 2015-2020 which we are implementing. We focus on evidence based and cost-effective practices at the primary health and public health levels.
  • Long term community owned programmes designed  in the local communities.
  • As a local based NGO with 38 years of field experience , ICROSS  helps mothers implement sanitation and hygiene practices
  • Ongoing community  home based support by  locally  trained health workers.
  • Through ICROSS training of health workers and volunteers, we improve essential care and prevention of disease http://icrossinternational.org/whatwedo/community-care/index.asp


  • We engage ininternational  policy planning, research, workshops and strategy development .

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