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08/10/2016 - Latest ICROSS Book

Dear Friends,
CELEBRATION is the latest  book about ICROSS in Africa  A preview is on this site. Hard copies are available by contacting us at director@icrossinternational.org or through Amazon. CELEBRATION will shortly available for Kindle .This collection of images has been created by Julius and Joni during several vists to ICROSS programmes spanning 8 years.

I was running HIV programmes in the rift valley when Julius first visited and fell in love with the tribal communities. His unique approach to an understanding of people gave him a rear access to the daily lives. We all decided that we would let the photographs speak for themselves. If you would like to know more of our work and why we do it you can contact me directly at director@icrossinternational.org. there are also reports and live updates on icrossinternational.org.This is the first of a series of innovative projects that we will be doing with Julius and Joni

Danny Ngwiri – ICROSS Country Director


“they say a picture is worth a thousand words in this book we present a visual perspective of our lives and work it begins and ends in the tears and laughter, realities and experiences that make up the daily life of the very poor. This tribute to over 35 years of creating change shows a different take of Africa. The success of our 35 years carries its wounds and tribulations. We have worked through famines and droughts, tragedies and epidemics, ethnic violence and un imaginable circumstances”


“Our volunteers continue to work without pay and through the dedications of the many us sung heroes ICROSS has flourished and continues to grow. This wonderful tribute by Julius shares some of the magic and beauty that continues to inspires each one of us everyday”

Dr Michael Meegan-International Director-ICROSS

What others say about CELEBRATION....

""For more than 20 years  have been privileged and humbled as I witnessed the  work of ICROSS. I celebrate ICROSS as both a place and a process of transformation. Transformation of the landscape as people access clean water,transformation of society as women access education and health care and transformation of the individual - who in their own empowerment become the key potent force for the common good."

"I feel overwhelmed to congratulate Dr. Michael Meegan and ICROSS

​ ​
for their
​decades of ​
success and accomplishments. I believe the destiny of hard work is always success and am confident that they will continue doing wonderful work .I
​bless them for their future adventures and hope they continue climbing toward  creating a better World helping the poorsest of the poor live their dreams and reach their potential." Dr Archana Amatya, Associate Professor,Dept of Community Medicine and Public Health
​, ​
Institute Of Medicine, Kathmandu, Nepal.

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