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09/09/2016 - ICROSS cultural heritage collection

Since ICROSS began over 35 years ago, it remained committed to preserving local culture tradition and heritage. One important part of this was to provide effective community development, that would be sustainable and owned by local communities. ICROSS did not focus on building a large NGO but concentrated on supporting local existing social systems. All of our work since 1983 but on the cultural values and belief systems of the local people. During the 1983-84 drought, many of our team became concerned that tribal communities were selling their precious tribal artifacts simply to survive.

For the last 35 years, we have been collecting these rare tribal treasures to make sure they do not leave Kenya. For over 20 years, our friends who had lived for many decades in East Africa, also collected precious objects of historical and cultural significance. This ICROSS collection is a Museum in itself. It has always been the intention of our Kenyan NGO, to act as custodians for this rare and valuable part of Kenyan history. We are delighted and honoured that professor Richard Leakey, has agreed to become the guardian and custodian of the entire heritage collection. Contributors have included the friend of  President Jomo Kenyatta,Magistrate Leslie Whitehouse, the explorer Wilfred Thessiger, Dr Wilfred Koinange, along with many other important figures in recent Kenyan history.

For the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY FOR THE RELIEF OF STARVATION AND SUFFERING,ICROSS KENYA  passing on this collection to be preserved for the Kenyan people, is the completion of an important contribution to future generations of Kenya. Just as our medical projects protect and improve long term health, safe guarding the cultural heritage of Kenya is an equally important shared responsibility. While it will take time to present the full collection to the people of Kenya, we are already in advanced preparations, guided by Dr. Richard Leakey. 

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