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13/05/2016 - ICROSS launches series of photographic books

I ​Am delighted as the CEO and Director of ICROSS ​I​
nternational and ICROSS Kenya to present the first in a series of photographic book​s​
that we are launching ​. This is the latest ICROSS initiative to create a more profound understanding of poverty and social justice as well as highlighting the ways that we can change the world together.

‘’Celebration’’ is  first in a series of books that we will be creating​ following the da​ily lives of the people that ICROSS serve in East Africa. It was the brain child of the Finish photographer Julius Konttinen and has been 7 years in the making. It was inspired by the amazing and beautiful people of Kenya.

“Celebration” is the first of a series of ​
books we will be doing with Julius Konttinen documenting the many projects that ICROSS works ​with. ​T​he introduction includes comments from some of the key forces in ​International  Health.

In "Celebration" we are allowing the images to talk for themselveswith less than a dozen quotations from the founder of ICROSS, Michael Meegan. Anyone interested in looking at a preview of our work can email to see an advanced pdf copy.

We also have available through Julius Konttinen poster size images of all of the photographs appearing in "Celebration". 

This is an exciting project which will raise awareness and support our work. More importantly in changes people’s ideas of poverty.​ The project is made possible  through a group of friends who are passionate about advocacy and sharing  our vision.​

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