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28/06/2015 - ICROSS Mother and Child Health July 2015

A woman dies of complications in childbirth every minute most of these women are in Africa. A woman in the sub-Saharan has a 1/16 dyeing during childbirth. A woman in the UK has 1 in 4000 death during childbirth. For over 30 years ICROSS has fought to improve obstetric care in rural areas. For the last 2 decades the chairman of the board of ICROSS is a gynecologist. Dr Evan Sequeira has promoted emergency obstetric care as an ICROSS priority. Over a 1/3 of reproductively active women do not have access to antenatal care. Over 20% of communities served by ICROSS have mothers suffering from Anemia (Iron deficiency). 


Over 25% of babies born in rural sub-Saharan are below birth weight. These babies are 20 times more likely to die in infancy. ICROSS programmes continue to protect the long term futures of young mothers through comprehensive mother and child health care. We are committed to the UNICEF and WHO policies on mother and child health and we remain committed for over a third of a century to creating access to health care and improving maternal weight.


The maternal mortality rate remain serious in rural area in Kenya, ICROSS has at the center of its strategy sex education, reproductive health education and awareness, improved maternal health care, changing the patterns of low birth weight and child nutritional development. If you would like to support any of our programmes focused on reproductive health and women rights you can donate through our website



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