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13/04/2015 - Call to ICROSS Partners and Colleagues

We are preparing a submission to the High Commision for Human Rights together with our stakeholders and partners in 5 countries. Many of our  collaborators receive  our weekly updates from this site so we would like to invite your   comments, inputs and suggestions. In May (5-8th), we shall conduct a stakeholders seminar to  prepare a draft together with a portfolio with  stories, narratives and
visual resources for the UN high Commission for  Human Rights.  You as our partners and friends are all invited to  participate.
Our last  contribution to  a multi-lateral initiative drew together  inputs from 126 partners and groups in 11 countries. This  submission will be representing an even larger representation of civil society.

The High Commissioner for Human Rights is putting together a report of practical recommendations on how to create and maintain the space for civil society to work freely

and independently. It's expected to be presented to the Council in June 2016. In addition to civil society actors world-wide, all UN Member States, UN special agencies and bodies (incl. UNDP, etc.), regional orgs, etc., will be asked to input into it.


Ultimately, the message is that Civil Society actors (whatever they do) are trying to change things, and experience around the world shows that this can durably happen if public freedoms are on their side; it's in their interest to care about them; and we want to know from them what (other than good rules and legislation) are good ways to create and maintain space for them to work.

We want to hear from you about your experiences! Please share with us:


i)                    your examples and illustrations of these and other ways to maintain space to work

ii)                  if there are limitations, how do you continue to carry out your activities

iii)                useful links, tools, resources, guides (whatever the language)

 The resolution of the UN Human Rights Council is here for your information: http://ap.ohchr.org/documents/dpage_e.aspx?si=A/HRC/RES/27/31

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