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10/04/2015 - ICROSS Global Health Programme 2015

For over 3 decades ICROSS has been actively involved in campaigning internationally for excellence in public health research aimed at fighting poverty.

From its early beginnings working with dialogue on diarrhea to its latest international campaigns on infectious disease, ICROSS continues work at the forefront of international health strategies and research.

The ICROSS research unit has been active in implementing effective field programmes and lobbing for sustained growth and health budgets. Over the last 30 years there have been dramatic improvements in neo natal tetanus and total mortality from infectious diseases. The latter fell from 25% in 1999 to less than 16% in 2010.

World maternal mortality has fallen in absolute numbers by half in the last decade.ICROSS has played consistently an active role participating in multi country studies and infectious diseaseresearch. However they is no reason for complacency. In the last six years alone there have been over a thousand epidemics.

Over 75% of emerging pathogens mutate ICROSS will double its research budgets in2015-2016. We will focus on areas of public health that have broad relevance across sub-Sahara Africa. Our public health research focuses on 5 of the 15 global challenges ICROSS continues to have at the Centre of its strategic planning the finest probity research as it works in a series of ongoing programmes and encourage scientific best practice.


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