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  • 12/06/2020 - Governance ICROSS 2020


    We are proud that for 20 years, all ICROSS programmes were completely managed by Africans. All project managers, supervisors, trainers, field teams and community staff are African.


    ICROSS is an equal opportunities employer. As part of our Gender policy, we have actively recruited women into senior management positions. The majority of Project managers and field co ordinators are women, the great majority of field staff are women. ICROSS focuses all its core programme development on gender.


    Programmes are not owned by ICROSS  or driven by donors but by local communities.

    Whose Reality 

    As part of corporate accountability in 2020 ICROSS places the beliefs, values, cultural structures and hopes of the local people at the centre of planning, decision making and planning. With a strong inclusion policy and partnership in local language we work towards programmes that have their roots in local communities.


    Apart of corporate governance ICROSS continues to profesionalise and strengthen its management teams. All management of field programmes is executed by senior staff with at least ten years operational field experience. We are in the process of reviewing management structures in the face of recent expansion of all programmes. 

    Advice & Consultation 

      ICROSS has a team of advisors and skilled specialists that it regularly consults on specific areas of International development. All advisors have at least a decade of experience working in underdeveloped countries while most are currently in operational settings. All ICROSS advisors are highly qualified specialists in their field of expertise with the latest knowledge and information. This helps ICROSS in its strategic planning and evidence based strategic development. As part of its international collaboration and team work ICROSS designs al its international research in close partnership with peer review collaborators.

    More Information is Available Concerning Our Corporate Governance

    In developing our corporate policies we seek to create a dynamic forward-looking organisation that will be able to respond to emerging challenges and needs in a rapidly changing world. Together with our partners, we are moving forward embracing new ideas and innovative approaches, learning from the wisdom and experience of the past. We are building on evidence and introducing fresh, exciting ideas and directions. Our vision of a better world inspires us, our mission focuses us, and our shared goals unite us. With effective planning, transparency, and clear direction, we will be able to really create lasting change.

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  • 12/09/2019 - WATER PROJECTS Sept 2019

    Long term Change in Water and sanitation

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  • 13/08/2019 - ICROSS and Childrens Health August 2019

    Today over 30,000 children in Africa will die from poverty related deaths, all avoidable. There are over 170 million children going to bed hungry tonight because they do not have enough food. There are over a billion people without clean water. For over thirty years ICROSS has been doing something about it.
    With your help we have built a series of long term health programmes across the Sub Saharan savannah with tribal communities. Designing health programmes with the local communities in their own language and through their own values we have created locally owned programmes.
    The future of all change is community owned choices.
    ICROSS has a long range programme of slow consistent and real change making a difference not just today and tommorrow but across decades.
    Over the last eight months crippling poverty and worsening drought has caused terrible suffering to young children, mothers and other vulnerable people including the disabled and the old. ICROSS has implemented a wide range of community interventions from special nutritional care and child survival to water protection and intensive diarrhoea control. We need your help now to continue reaching the communities still devastated by drought and hunger.
    This week there are still over 5,000 children who are seriously undernourished and over 700 mothers who need our help.
    It is a difficult time for everyone during this recession, but for those who have no voice, no other support and no other help it is an impossible time. Please help ICROSS as we continue to make a lasting difference where it counts most.
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  • 17/04/2019 - NUTRITION campaign ICROSS

    Since 1983, ICROSS has been working with pastoral communities to improve public health and community awareness. 

    We backup our training and awareness programs with clinical support and the provision of local dispensaries.  ICROSS has built many clinics empowering local tribes.  This May we are going to be launching a series of support programs strengthening village healthcare through mothers and women’s groups. 

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  • 14/09/2018 - ICROSS on waterborne diseases

    Since ICROSS has been working on waterborne diseases, we have seen dramatic movements worldwide in water borne disease prevention. The problems continue to challenge every rural hygiene and sanitation strategy. It is essential that we continue to fight intestinal worms that affect hundreds of millions of children. ICROSS continues with your help in child survival and water borne disease.


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  • 24/01/2018 - ICROSS Kenya Annual Report 2017

    Dear friend of ICROSS please download the latest annual report which is below. It is our most comprehensive annual review detailing all of our activities and programmes together with a complete summary of ICROSS initiatives, Programmes and research. As always we welcome your feedback and your ongoing support to ICROSS as we try to make the world a little better. Your support to us is what allows our work to continue and expand. With your help 2018 will be our most significant year. We thank you for your continued efforts which keep all of our projects sustainable and through you we all continue to change the world. Download it here 

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  • 29/11/2017 - ICROSS WORLD AIDS DAY 2017

    The first of December represents World AIDS Day, 2017 . 


    This comes at a time of growing complacency and apathy regarding HIV programs across the World.  For 30 years, ICROSS International has been an active partner fighting HIV and challenging public perceptions of HIV suffering and poverty. The problem of HIV has changed dramatically since 2005. At the end of this news update, there is an important link written by the founder of ICROSS in the journal of the American medical association. If you look at the reality of suffering, numbers change but suffering does not.


    An increasing amount of people are becoming involved in unsafe practices in 2017. With almost 40 million people living with HIV, there is growing cause for concern. ICROSS continues to pioneer new and alternative ways of sharing awareness and home care in Sub-Saharan Africa. The very vast majority of HIV infections are in East and Southern Africa. UNAIDS has warned that complacency has cut budgets around the world. Gay communities in particular have seen significant increases in new infections  with 1.8 million new cases in 2016. Since the year 2000, there are 10 million people more living with HIV reaching 38 million world wide. Over a third of these people are not receiving treatment and funding in real terms has fallen.


    ICROSS has consistently promoted safe sexual practice over the last 20 years. We have continued to base our International programs on peer reviewed research. We continue to provide scientific advice and consultation to organisation and individuals in high risk communities. ICROSS is directly involved in a series of studies as well as direct intervention. If you would like to become directly involved in supporting our awareness campaigns or prevention projects, you can reach us at




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  • 21/11/2017 - Icross Kenya fundraiser

    One of our ICROSS  team, James shares this 


    This year I embarked on a journey to not only take part but also complete my first marathon at the inaugural Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon. This is a herculean tasks by all means but I strongly believe that after many months of getting in shape, which roughly translates to over 200kms of cumulative mileage, that I am ready to take it to the roads.


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