ICROSS is an International development organization that was founded to bring about lasting changes in health. It has partner organizations in Tanzania, USA, Canada and Ireland. These are all autonomous independent organizations united by the vision, mission and ICROSS respect for local communities. We are establishing new support groups in other countries as part of our International strategy.

While our Strategic plan (below) details our corporate governance there are key areas of governance that we are prioritizing in 2007.


Our long term strategy as outlined in our five year plan embrace the vision and aspirations of the Millennium development goals building on the values, leadership and cultural structures of African people. The vision of ICROSS places emphasis on the National development framework developed in Africa by Africans.


We are proud that since 2001 all ICROSS programmes were completely managed by Africans. All project managers, supervisors, trainers, field teams and community staff are African. While these teams provide learning opportunities for Intern and volunteer partnerships, the Africanisation of all projects has been a vital component of the success and continuity of the programmes.


ICROSS is an equal opportunities employer. As part of our Gender policy, we have actively recruited women into senior management positions. The majority of Project managers and field co ordinators are women, the great majority of field staff are women. ICROSS focuses all its core programme development on gender.


Programmes are not owned or driven by donors but by local communities.

Whose Reality

As part of corporate accountability ICROSS places the beliefs, values, cultural structures and hopes of the local people at the centre of planning, decision making and planning. With a strong inclusion policy and partnership in local language we work towards programmes that have their roots in local communities.


As part of our policy of accountability to our donors ICROSS continually strives to improve its financial systems and procedures. With rural projects scattered across geographical areas larger than Ireland there are challenges to ensure best practices and accountability of resources in Africa. ICROSS and our donors undertake frequent internal and external audits with Annual external audits or all programmes.

As part of continual improvements and strengthening of the organization, we conducted external organization and management reviews and have recently commissioned Ernst and Young to carry out a comprehensive financial review of all financial systems, structures procedures and operations. Our commitment is to best practices of transparency and collective accountability. ICROSS insists on the highest standards from its entire staff as well as ensuring due diligence and the highest work ethics. Our code of conduct is based upon international gold standards and ensures not only equality and ethics but transparency and integrity.

We are currently extending the Global fund accounting system into al new programmes being implemented.

External audits and comprehensive financial records are available to partners including Governments through our national offices.


Apart of corporate governance ICROSS continues to profesionalise and strengthen its management teams. All management of field programmes is executed by senior staff with at least ten years operational field experience. We are in the process of reviewing management structures in the face of recent expansion of all programmes.


We have a staff policy based upon the local regulations, laws and norms. ICROSS is an equal opportunities employer and does not discriminate on any grounds.

Advice & Consultation

ICROSS has a team of advisors and skilled specialists that it regularly consults on specific areas of International development. All advisors have at least a decade of experience working in underdeveloped countries while most are currently in operational settings. All ICROSS advisors are highly qualified specialists in their field of expertise with the latest knowledge and information. This helps ICROSS in its strategic planning and evidence based strategic development.

As part of its international collaboration and team work ICROSS designs al its international research in close partnership with peer review collaborators.

More Information is Available Concerning Our Corporate Governance

In developing our corporate policies we seek to create a dynamic forward-looking organisation that will be able to respond to emerging challenges and needs in a rapidly changing world. Together with our partners, we are moving forward embracing new ideas and innovative approaches, learning from the wisdom and experience of the past. We are building on evidence and introducing fresh, exciting ideas and directions. Our vision of a better world inspires us, our mission focuses us, and our shared goals unite us. With effective planning, transparency, and clear direction, we will be able to really create lasting change.

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