(Friday 12 June 2020)


We are proud that for 20 years, all ICROSS programmes were completely managed by Africans. All project managers, supervisors, trainers, field teams and community staff are African.


ICROSS is an equal opportunities employer. As part of our Gender policy, we have actively recruited women into senior management positions. The majority of Project managers and field co ordinators are women, the great majority of field staff are women. ICROSS focuses all its core programme development on gender.


Programmes are not owned by ICROSS  or driven by donors but by local communities.

Whose Reality 

As part of corporate accountability in 2020 ICROSS places the beliefs, values, cultural structures and hopes of the local people at the centre of planning, decision making and planning. With a strong inclusion policy and partnership in local language we work towards programmes that have their roots in local communities.


Apart of corporate governance ICROSS continues to profesionalise and strengthen its management teams. All management of field programmes is executed by senior staff with at least ten years operational field experience. We are in the process of reviewing management structures in the face of recent expansion of all programmes. 

Advice & Consultation 

  ICROSS has a team of advisors and skilled specialists that it regularly consults on specific areas of International development. All advisors have at least a decade of experience working in underdeveloped countries while most are currently in operational settings. All ICROSS advisors are highly qualified specialists in their field of expertise with the latest knowledge and information. This helps ICROSS in its strategic planning and evidence based strategic development. As part of its international collaboration and team work ICROSS designs al its international research in close partnership with peer review collaborators.

More Information is Available Concerning Our Corporate Governance

In developing our corporate policies we seek to create a dynamic forward-looking organisation that will be able to respond to emerging challenges and needs in a rapidly changing world. Together with our partners, we are moving forward embracing new ideas and innovative approaches, learning from the wisdom and experience of the past. We are building on evidence and introducing fresh, exciting ideas and directions. Our vision of a better world inspires us, our mission focuses us, and our shared goals unite us. With effective planning, transparency, and clear direction, we will be able to really create lasting change.

(Friday 12 June 2020)

ICROSS The International Community for the Relief Of Starvation and Suffering 



Mission Statement

A World free of suffering and infant death where people can be cared for by people who speak their own language, and understand the local culture, traditions and beliefs. Our vision together with our partners, is a world without hunger and starvation realising that we live in a world of great wealth and resources. We believe in compassion and kindness based on shared understanding, equality and empathy.



Mission Statement 2020

ICROSS seeks to reduce disease suffering and poverty among the poorest of the poor. We intend to continue to create awareness and knowledge based on the values and beliefs of the local communities we serve.



Where Do We Work?

ICROSS began its work among pastoral communities in East Africa in 1979. For almost 40 years, we gradually extended the coverage of our work from central Kenya to vulnerable communities in the Western counties of Kenya, particularly in the areas of HIV/AIDS. We have worked in Samburu, Kajiado, Nakuru, Bungoma, Nzoia, Siayia, Bondo, Buret and Mumias in Kenya and Arusha, Dodoma and Monduli in Tanzania. In addition, we have provided technical and material support to an extensive network of partner National local INGOs and Faith-based projects. This has included the first series of global health courses in Nepal lectures in international development in Cambodia as well as program evaluations in other south East Asia countries. Our core focus remains endangered pastoral communities across Kenya’s Rift Valley



What Are Our Key focus Areas?

Community Owned Primary Health Care
Child- Survival, Training Traditional Birth Attendants, reduction of maternal deaths, gender-rights awareness, commercial-sex workers support, female circumcision harm reduction, safe motherhood, education and girls. Children’s

Poverty Reduction
Training health workers in desert areas, trachoma blindness control, diarrhoea control, tribal community health programmes, surgical training, desertification projects.

Children’s Rights and Gender and Development
Child-to-child sanitation and hygiene, pediatric disease control, child survival, immunization, primary health care, infant mortality control, AIDS orphans and vulnerable children’s rights, child health promotion.

Community Strengthening
Disease surveillance, women group developments, technical support to small organisations, legal and material support, water and sanitation projects, ICROSS resource leverage, partnership development and networking.

HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria prevention
Disease surveillance, women group developments, technical support to small organisations, legal and material support, water and sanitation projects, ICROSS resource leverage, partnership development and networking.

Poverty Awareness
Campaigning for child health, human rights, health rights and water rights

(Thursday 12 September 2019)

Long term Change in Water and sanitation

(Monday 19 August 2019)


(Tuesday 13 August 2019)
Today over 30,000 children in Africa will die from poverty related deaths, all avoidable. There are over 170 million children going to bed hungry tonight because they do not have enough food. There are over a billion people without clean water. For over thirty years ICROSS has been doing something about it.
With your help we have built a series of long term health programmes across the Sub Saharan savannah with tribal communities. Designing health programmes with the local communities in their own language and through their own values we have created locally owned programmes.
The future of all change is community owned choices.
ICROSS has a long range programme of slow consistent and real change making a difference not just today and tommorrow but across decades.
Over the last eight months crippling poverty and worsening drought has caused terrible suffering to young children, mothers and other vulnerable people including the disabled and the old. ICROSS has implemented a wide range of community interventions from special nutritional care and child survival to water protection and intensive diarrhoea control. We need your help now to continue reaching the communities still devastated by drought and hunger.
This week there are still over 5,000 children who are seriously undernourished and over 700 mothers who need our help.
It is a difficult time for everyone during this recession, but for those who have no voice, no other support and no other help it is an impossible time. Please help ICROSS as we continue to make a lasting difference where it counts most.
(Tuesday 13 August 2019)
(Sunday 14 July 2019)

ICROSS has pioneered the field of community focused operational research for 39 years in East Africa. We currently are helping health teams to develop working models of locally based monitoring programmes. We are working with dynamic young health professionals in helping them understand the basic requirements of developing evaluation systems.


(Monday 7 August 2017)

ICROSS International has been implementing public health programmes for nearly 40 years. As a dynamic learning organisation, an important priority is to evaluate and assess the impact of programmes and innovations over time. Since 1981, ICROSS has continually published in the world’s leading scientific journals.

A vital part of our work is to share an understanding of applied operational field research and apply the highest International standards. We are building research networks and capabilities as part of our five-year strategic plan 2016-2020. We are also training a new generation of young researchers in Africa and Asia in effective methodologies and best practice in scientific research.

(Monday 7 August 2017)

For over 38 years, ICROSS has focused on reproductive health care as part of a dynamic health improvement strategy targeting co-ordinated school health promotion. The first key element being an ICROSS prevention program is integrating management and health support systems. This is based on creating healthy schools with nutritional support and close family community involvement. since 1983. ICROSS has been involved in pioneering effective public health programmes, integrating long term family planning with community ownership of public health intervention in their area. In 1993, we integrated our family planning programmes into long term mother and child health care.  Safe motherhood remains at the centre of our public health services since the early 1980s.

(Saturday 10 June 2017)

Following this week’s workshop ICROSS updated programme ​ ​teams on the latest WHO web platform for data and statistics and synthesis for information it also updated teams on the latest international prevention measures including Malaria prevalence and the historic launch​ of malaria vaccine pilot studies. This initiative was launched at the end of April in​ Kenya, ​ the most significant Malaria prevention strategy of recent decades.

Welcome to ICROSS International

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Welcome and thank you for coming to our web site.

ICROSS began its activities in 1978. We aim at providing long-term assistance to the nomadic communities of the sub-Saharan region. We act as a catalyst and all our projects are run and owned by the communities we serve. We work to improve health and living standards using their own culture. We work within a five-year strategic plan. This was developed with the Ministry of Health in Kenya and sets out long term goals.

Remember, you have the power to change tomorrow.

Dr. Michael Elmore Meegan - Founder and International Director ICROSS.